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Insights into GPS Interference via GPSjam

In recent months, a surge in reported GPS interferences across European countries during December and early January has drawn attention to the critical role of accurate navigation systems. A valuable resource for aerial surveying companies navigating these challenges is the GPSjam website.

Launched by John Wiseman (@lemonodor) in July 2022, the GPSjam website utilizes data from ADS-B Exchange to generate maps illustrating likely GPS interference based on aircraft reports. The hexagonal map classifies areas where aircraft report good navigation accuracy (green), moderate accuracy (yellow), and low accuracy (red), potentially indicating interference. This user-friendly tool aids in identifying regions prone to navigation challenges.

The GPSjam website highlighted a significant surge in disruptions over northern Poland and southern Sweden on Christmas day, emphasizing the potential impact on aviation and critical infrastructure. Recent disruptions in Finland prompted an official response from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), assuring the public of aircraft equipped with alternative navigation systems to counter potential risks.


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