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EAASI's 2023 Goals: Continue building a sustainable future for aerial surveying

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) reached a significant milestone in 2022 with 50 members and observers and continues to strive to increase the influence of the European Aerial Surveying Industry on political and administrative decisions that affect it.

In 2023, EAASI will continue working hard to make the European aerial surveying business sustainable and to promote the use of aerial surveying data by educating decision-makers. After our 2022 Partners Summit, EAASI has identified the need to develop different action points in the following areas:


One of the key action points for 2023 is to further collaboration within the industry and among EAASI partners. This includes reactivating and promoting the companies' assets database, creating a chat for members, enabling more frequent online meetings, and highlighting successful member collaborations on social media platforms.


Innovation is also a major focus for EAASI in 2023. This includes facilitating information on EU funds and tenders and on member projects that involve new technologies for members.

Standardization and Customer Education:

A working group on product standards and definitions will be established in 2023, with the goal of creating a permanent, stable, and involved group. The group will define objectives, a roadmap, and milestones, and will invite stakeholders such as National Mapping Agencies, academia, and EuroSDR to participate. Furthermore, EAASI will propose organizing workshops and other events for National Mapping Agencies and other clients.

Staff and Training:

In 2023, EAASI will focus on communication and marketing efforts toward universities and collaborate with student organizations. Events sponsorship, contests/awards, a job opportunities platform, and HR best practices workshops will also be offered.

Marketing and Communications:

EAASI will organize 2 communication webinars for members and will publish several articles about the benefits of aerial surveying in specialized media.

Specific campaigns on social media will also be launched to raise the profile of the industry and attract young talent.

Furthermore, a communication package targeted to National Mapping Agencies will be developed to highlight the competitive advantages of aerial mapping.


As of 2022, EAASI will be present in relevant forums of the geospatial industry to continue raising the visibility of the aerial surveying industry and make its voice heard. From 2-5 May, EAASI will attend Geospatial World Forum as Institutional Partner and a discussion panel will be organized with National Mapping Agencies. EAASI will also participate in INTERGEO as in previous years.

EAASI members are encouraged to take the opportunity to give a presentation to introduce the Association if they are also attending any other industry event. EAASI has already some slides ready that can be inserted into individual presentations if needed. Please ask the Secretary General for further details.


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