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EAASI Calls for Member Engagement: Join Committees Shaping Aerial Surveying's Trajectory

In a strategic move to promote collaboration and drive advancements in the aerial surveying industry, the European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) recently formed four Industry Challenges Committees during its successful Lisbon summit.  

These committees, led by EAASI board members, focus on critical aspects, including university and student engagement, industry technical standards, air traffic control (ATC), and new business models. Reports of the Industry Challenges Committees, available exclusively to EAASI Members and Observers, highlight the association's commitment to collaborative problem-solving.  

This collaborative approach will continue throughout the year by establishing a calendar of regular meetings for each committee—reaffirming the importance of member participation in shaping the industry's trajectory.  

EAASI Members and Observers are encouraged to register for a Committee before February 2, emphasizing the integral role their insights play in the evolution of the aerial surveying industry. The first meetings are scheduled for February, with specific dates to be confirmed soon.  

The Committees will address key industry areas, with dedicated leaders for each:  

  • Cedric Anciaux for Air Traffic Control 

  • Simon Musäus for Universities and Students' Engagement,  

  • Engelbert Breg for Industry Technical Standards, and  

  • Pedro Llorens for New Business Models.  

Members and Observers are encouraged to actively participate in EAASI's activities, contributing to the association's collective efforts to elevate the visibility of aerial surveying and advance the industry as a whole. 

They are also invited to leverage opportunities for external engagement by presenting the association at other industry events. The Secretary-General can provide a presentation for this purpose. 

The success of the Lisbon summit showcased the growing unity within the industry, reinforcing the significance of continued collaboration as the key to overcoming challenges.  

The EAASI, established in 2019 as a unifying force for the European aerial surveying industry, has evolved into a dynamic coalition representing over 50 companies. With a focus on fostering collaboration, advocating for industry interests, and promoting the importance of aerial surveying, EAASI continues to play a fundamental role in shaping the industry's future. 


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