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Alice Hilton, EAASI Young Ambassador

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) is excited to introduce our first Young Ambassador, Alice Hilton, Product Specialist at Bluesky International.

Alice Hilton

Product Specialist, Bluesky International

Alice Hilton's career at Bluesky International began during the 2022 ESRI Conference in London while she was a student at the University of Exeter. Her dissertation on tree mapping and climate change aligned perfectly with Bluesky’s work. Alice joined Bluesky in September 2022, working on the National Tree Map as a Graduate Product Specialist. She collaborates with the sales and production teams, conducts research, and engages in marketing activities.

Recently, Alice's role expanded to include the development of other environmental products, showcasing her adaptability and growing expertise in geospatial technology.

"My favourite part about my role is the opportunity it provides to work with multiple teams across the company and directly with our customers. I also enjoy the chance to research and contribute to the continuous enhancement of our existing products, and the development of new products", shares Alice.

She also participated in our recent webinar about careers in aerial surveying, and the recording is available now here.

About the EAASI Young Ambassadors

The program aims to showcase the diverse and dynamic careers within the aerial surveying industry while empowering young professionals to become ambassadors for their field. Selected from talented individuals working within EAASI member companies, our Young Ambassadors will play a vital role in inspiring and guiding future professionals in the industry.

As a Young Ambassador, participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and insights about working in aerial surveying. They will engage with potential future professionals at industry events, participate in informative video interviews providing insights into various aspects of the industry, and visit schools and universities to inspire a passion for STEM, particularly among young women.

EAASI member companies are encouraged to suggest candidates to become future Young Ambassadors.


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