Working Group 3: Education, Standards & Certification

Goal of the Working Group

The working group will focus on the development of the EAASI goals to:

  1. Definition for minimum Survey Equipment

  2. Recommendations for technical infrastructure of aerial survey companies

  3. Certification of aerial Survey staff and Equipment

  4. Certification of aerial survey companies

  5. Recommendations for education content

  6. Sample cost analysis for aerial survey projects

  7. Recommendations for tender specifications


Stakeholder Analysis

Main stakeholders in the industry/public sector/general public are:


   1. National Mapping Agencies / Municipalities
           a. Influence: They are customers and they are defining tender specifications
           b. Interests: 







  2. Aerial survey companies / Members of EAASI
           a. Influence: Forcing tenders and accelerate business
           b. Interest: 




  3. Universities / Education


To achieve the overarching goal, we have defined the following intermediate targets:


  1.  Defining a cost structure for aerial survey

  2. Defining a certification structure and certification roles:
           a. Company Certification
           b. Equipment Certification
           c.  Staff Certification

  3. Defining minimum staff skills for:
           a. Aerial Operator
           b. Pilots
           c. Preparing and processing personnel


i. Mostly the responsible people in survey agencies have not enough knowledge about technical connections and using drafts from other projects to define a tender. Here we could help a lot.
ii. Information about Standard cost structure against price dumping and unfair offers

i.  Certified background for critical tender specs.
ii. Certification by EAASI as an advantage in a competition