Working Group 1: European Projects

Goal of the Working Group

The working group will focus on the development of the EAASI goals to:


  1. Create sustainable market for the aerial industry in Europe.

  2. Promote the awareness among stakeholders and potential customers about subject: what kind of products and services can be delivered by the aerial industry.

  3. Apply for the European Funds to achieve above mentioned goals.


Stakeholder Analysis

Main stakeholders in the industry/public sector/general public are:


  1. Customers of aerial survey industry: Government Survey & Cadastral Agencies, other public agencies, private sector, military sector.

  2. European Associations: Eurogeographics, CLGE, relevant national associations.

  3. Aerial Survey Companies: EAASI members, other aerial companies.



To achieve the overarching goal, we have defined the following intermediate targets:

Target 1
Arrange the working relationship with Eurogeographics Association and discuss the main and crucial tasks. For example:

  • The 3D model of the whole Europe, acquired by laser scanning, processed by the agreed standards, which can be expected by many countries and used for many purposes.

  • To discuss other possible innovative projects.


Target 2
To undertake research on the possible “European Projects” (Funds).


  • “Horizon Europe” (“HR”) – the next research and innovation framework programme with a budget of €100 billion proposed by the European Commission for 2021-2027.

  • In 2019-2020 the Council and European Parliament will negotiate and subsequently adopt the programme.


13:45 - 13:50    Welcome: Florian Romanowski WG1 leader, OPEGIEKA

13:50 - 14:05   Pan European aerial survey projects: Mick Cory, SG EuroGeographics

14:05 - 14:25   Discussion: Pan European aerial survey projects

14:25 - 14:40   Approach to EU projects by European Association Of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC):

                          André Jadot, EUROSENSE

14:40 - 14:55   Horizon Europe: Jakub Krawczyk, OPEGIEKA

14:55 - 15:05   Setting other WG1 goals: Florian Romanowski & Jakub Krawczyk, OPEGIEKA

15:05 - 15:20   Discussion: WG1 goals

15:20 - 15:25   Questionnaire EU grants experience of WG1 members