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The challenge of attracting and retaining talent in aerial surveying

In order to promote growth and innovation in the aerial surveying industry, the European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) has implemented a strategic plan to engage, introduce, and attract students and recent graduates to this industry. The initiative aims to combat the prevailing lack of skilled professionals in the aerial industry and ensure its sustainable future.

EAASI recognizes the vital role that students and young professionals play in the future of the aerial surveying sector. With more than 50 associated companies, EAASI represents key European aerial surveying market players. However, a notable challenge has been the industry's struggle to attract and retain skilled individuals, leading to a talent deficit.

EAASI Secretary General Marcos Martínez and Communications Manager Ada Perello joined Daniela Poli from Airborne Sensing Italia in Valencia for the International Geodetic Student Organisation meeting.

To address this issue, EAASI recently has been collaborating with young professional and student associations. For the second year, EAASI sponsored the annual meeting of the International Geodetic Student Organisation (IGSM). By actively participating in this event, the Association presented the exciting career opportunities available within the aerial surveying field.

Additionally, EAASI introduced the EAASI jobs database, a consolidated platform offering vacancies from all EAASI Members and Observers. This database is regularly promoted across different channels, i.e., social media, academia, and student associations, so it is essential that companies update their job offers.

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for reaching a younger audience. By collaborating with IGSM, EAASI has engaged in several social media campaigns, which have enhanced the visibility of the aerial surveying industry and explained the careers that the sector has to offer. The Association also launched its Instagram account in June to reinforce its interaction with students and young graduates. This engagement is crucial in raising awareness about the aerial surveying industry, showcasing its potential, and dispelling misconceptions.

EAASI has launched various social media campaigns to raise the visibility of aerial surveying professions

Moreover, EAASI initiated a survey in August, gauging the awareness of students and young professionals regarding the aerial surveying industry and their expectations when seeking employment. The results from this survey will be shared during an upcoming webinar, titled "Attracting and Retaining Young Talent to the Aerial Survey Industry," scheduled for late October.

In addition, EAASI is actively compiling a list of universities offering geomatic studies in Europe. This list will serve as a valuable resource, connecting EAASI companies with academic institutions for potential internship agreements. These agreements aim to provide students with hands-on experiences and offer companies a fresh pool of talent.

Through these concerted efforts, EAASI is working to bridge the gap, spark interest, and nurture a new generation of skilled professionals in the aerial surveying industry.


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