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Season's Greetings

Dear Colleagues;

The successful Partnership Summit 2021 in Malaga has shown us how important facetime in our industry is. I am always amazed how much the personal contact boosts productivity in terms of development of relationships. Online environments are fast and sometimes efficient in terms of information exchange, but they fall short in reaching a thorough understanding that requires human context.

First of all, my gratitude goes to Marcos Martinez, our Secretary General, for planning and executing, also in difficult times, the event. A big thank you also to the Boardmembers – on site and off site – to contribute with their time and energy to the preparation of the workshop and for their continuous effort to further our goals as an Association.

My congratulations to all, members and observers alike, who cooperated and stated clearly that we are one single industry with common goals. The Summit was a place of intense and often passionate discussions that lasted well into the evening events. If you have been part of the Malaga Group, you will not only have left your footprint in the development of EAASI for 2022, but have also created new relationships with industry members – service companies and supplies alike.

While EAASI has many outspoken goals as an association, we also need to establish priorities to move forward. We were able to identify one external and internal facing action complex.

In many group discussions and finally the plenary, participants agreed that the value proposition of Aerial Surveying was still not widely known among the existing stakeholders and the general public. Consequently, direction of public funds often follows the importance perceived by the political decisionmakers. Additionally, a well known industry also attracts talent, something that we identified as a major focus for the coming decade. We will have a concrete action leading to a convincing marketing plan to be rolled out in 2022/2023. One group mentioned a motto as “Aerial Survey IS part of YOUR life” as a general punchline. I love it.

Internally, we agreed that we will design a system of certifications for EAASI members that is strong enough to be accepted as quality seal and distinctive proof also towards knowledgeable customers in the wider geospatial data industry.

Thank you to all who engaged in the groups and who volunteered for taking more part in the development of the goals.

Before we start the new year with fresh energy, now is the time to slow down for a moment and have some relaxation and introspection.

I for my part will travel in Europe and the USA to see family and friends, and enjoy the different aspects of an international family life.

Wherever you are in the World, I wish you and your families a peaceful time over the Christmas days and the change of the years. Stay safe, stay healthy and I am looking forward to meeting you again in 2022.

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and a delightful start of a New Year.

Yours sincerely

Simon Musäus, D.B.A.



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