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EAASI's successful networking event at INTERGEO 2023

INTERGEO 2023, a cornerstone event for the geospatial community, concluded successfully on October 12th. Boasting nearly 17,000 trade visitors from 112 nations, 571 exhibitors from 40+ countries, and over 300 speakers, it reaffirmed its status as the world's premier trade fair and a vital international congress hub for geodesy, mapping, geoinformation, and land management.

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) actively participated in this global event, seizing the opportunity to engage with its diverse membership and stakeholders. EAASI's Secretary General, Marcos Martínez-Fernández, expressed his satisfaction in seeing a significant representation of members and observers at INTERGEO, highlighting EAASI's role as a unifying force in the industry: “We are very pleased to see many of our members and observers in INTERGEO. There is a growing interest in EAASI as our association brings together more than 50 companies, representing Europe’s most relevant players in the aerial mapping industry. INTERGEO provided the perfect opportunity to have productive discussions and set the tone for the forthcoming EAASI Partners Summit” said Martínez-Fernández.

On October 11th, EAASI organized a networking event hosted by Geofly, a Founding Member of EAASI. Florian Romanowski, President of OPEGIEKA and President of EAASI -following his recent election in June- emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving collective objectives and invited the audience to the next summit of the Association, which will take place from 21-24 November in Lisbon (Portugal). “This summit will mark the fifth consecutive year since our inaugural gathering in Denmark. Since then, EAASI has embarked on a remarkable journey to create a network that did not exist previously, bringing together industry leaders, fostering collaboration, and championing the importance of aerial surveying. I hope to see you all in Lisbon soon”, said Romanowski.

The event provided a conducive setting for networking and knowledge sharing, complemented by refreshments.

EAASI Board Members actively participated in the events of the Association during INTERGEO: Simon Musäus (Hexagon), Rachel Tidmarsh (Bluesky International), Pedro Llorens (SPASA), Engelbert Breg (Vexcel), Roland Stengele (BSF-Swissphoto ), Marcos Martínez-Fernández (EAASI Secretary-General) and Florian Romanowski (OPEGIEKA, EAASI President) pictured in the first photo during the Board meeting.

Wrapping up INTERGEO, the EAASI Board held a crucial meeting at the Opegieka booth, engaging in fruitful discussions and charting the course for the upcoming EAASI Partners Summit 2023. For more details about this event 2023, click here.


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