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EAASI held its fifth Annual General Meeting

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) successfully held its fifth Annual General Meeting (AGM) online on June 11, 2024. This significant event brought together industry leaders and members to review the past year’s achievements, discuss future plans, and elect new board members.

Florian Romanowski, EAASI President, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to all attendees. Romanowski, elected in the last AGM 2024 one year ago, highlighted the day-to-day efforts of EAASI, emphasizing the ongoing work to support members and the broader industry. Key achievements include successful negotiations for new agreements that enhance certification processes and foster international collaboration. The work of the EAASI Committees, established in January 2024, was also detailed.

Rachel Tidmarsh, EAASI Treasurer, presented the annual accounts, which were subsequently approved by the members. Additionally, the annual member subscription fees for 2025 were also approved.

Marcos Martínez, EAASI Secretary-General, presented his annual report, highlighting new additions, participation in various events, and the progress in raising the visibility of the industry.

Board of Directors Election

Following EAASI's Statutes, the members voted to elect the Board of Directors for the upcoming period. The following members were re-elected:

• Cedric Anciaux (Consultant)

• Giovanni Banchini (CGR SPA)

• Engelbert Breg (Vexcel)

• André Jadot (Eurosense)

• Pedro Llorens (Dielmo)

• Simon Musäus (Hexagon)

Aicke Damrau from Geofly was elected as a new board member, bringing fresh perspectives to the leadership team.

New EAASI Members and Observers

EAASI continues to grow, with 29 members and 22 observers. Since the last AGM 2023, eight companies joined EAASI: Kadran, ClearSkies (Aerial Survey), Esri, Flai, Pythagoras (Pointorama), Geolas, Dielmo, and Milan Geoservice.

Ongoing partnerships and collaborations

Significant progress towards closer collaboration was unveiled during the AGM:

Discussions on EuroSDR Collaboration: EAASI has been engaged in productive conversations with EuroSDR regarding a more formalized collaboration focused on certification. EuroSDR is a not-for-profit organization linking National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies with Research Institutes, Universities, and Companies in Europe for the purpose of applied research in spatial data provision, management, and delivery. This organization is a key partner in European standardization and certification efforts, and this collaboration holds promise for the future.

MAPPS Partnership: The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) has announced a partnership with EAASI to jointly promote and advance the geospatial industry within their communities. This partnership will include working together to advance the mission of each party through the exchange and transfer of relevant knowledge and expertise, promoting workforce development within the geospatial industry, and acting as thought leaders helping to shape and influence the field of geospatial and strategies leading to provide the best business aspects. The collaboration may include event promotion, workforce development efforts, webinars, and general awareness of each association’s activities.

By addressing these topics and initiatives, EAASI continues to lead the way in advancing the aerial surveying industry in Europe, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the industry's sustainable and innovative growth.

EAASI Partners Summit Info

The next EAASI Partners Summit will be held at Hotel Divani Caravel, Athens, Greece, from November 19-22, 2024. The Secretary-General has taken into consideration feedback from past summits. This year, the dates were announced sooner, and there will be more time allocated for debates and committees. The sponsor role will be less commercial and more involved in discussions, with the event extending to two full days instead of 1.5.

Additionally, the Board has approved initiating a modification to the EAASI Statutes, which will be considered during an Extraordinary AGM in Athens. The main objective is to change the date of the Board members' election to coincide with the summit, enabling candidates to present their candidacies in person, fostering increased dialogue, and enhancing member engagement. As Florian Romanowski explained, "Currently, the AGM often has lower attendance compared to the Summit. By holding elections during the Summit, we can ensure almost all members have the opportunity to participate. This change will significantly improve the democratic nature of the election process."

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI), established in 2019 as a unifying force for the European aerial surveying industry, has evolved into a dynamic coalition representing over 50 companies. With a focus on fostering collaboration, advocating for industry interests, and promoting the importance of aerial surveying, EAASI continues to play a fundamental role in shaping the industry's future.


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