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EAASI elects its Board of Directors during the Annual General Meeting 2022

The European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries (EAASI) met for its Annual General Meeting on the 13th of June 2022. An important number of members and observers joined the meeting, which was held online.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of the EAASI members. At an AGM, the Executive Board presents the annual accounts and the budget for the next period. Furthermore, the Secretary General presents the annual report containing information about the association’s relevant actions taken during the last period. EAASI also elects the members of the Board of Directors each year during the AGM.

EAASI President Simon Musäus (Vice President, Hexagon GCS) welcomed the attendees and gave a general update on the aerial surveying industry. Musäus explained that 2022 started with a glimpse of hope as the pandemic seemed to retreat from the Western hemisphere and business activity slowly returned to normal. However, the war in Ukraine and the impact of the conflict on the global economy implied once more the need to adapt to uncertain times.

“In this increasingly complex reality, there is a global need for fast supply of updated geospatial information as data science is more and more focusing on the localization of events and the creation of correlations for decision-making considering the spatial reality”, explained Musäus.

“Aerial surveying imagery can play a fundamental part in providing this information, but it is crucial to continue the efforts of the Association to stay connected at the highest level with international organizations and national mapping agencies to raise the visibility of the industry and strengthen links with those who will determine the policies of the next years”.

From left to right: Marcos Martínez-Fernández, Rachel Tidmarsh, Simon Musäus, André Jadot and Pedro Llorens during the #23 Board Meeting in Amsterdam, May 2022.

The President also took the opportunity to thank André Jadot (Vice-President of EAASI and CEO of Eurosense) and Rachel Tidmarsh (Treasurer of EAASI and Managing Director of Bluesky International Limited), members of the Executive Board, for their hard work maintaining high standards. Musäus also extended his gratitude to the Board members and the Secretary General, Marcos Martínez-Fernández, for their dedication.

During the AGM, five Board seats had to be renewed. Four candidates were re-elected: Cedric Anciaux (CAE-Aviation), Giovanni Banchini (CGR SPA), Pedro Llorens (Spasa) and Florian Romanowski (OPEGIEKA). Engelbert Breg (Vexcel) was elected for the first time. Aicke Damrau (Geofly), who had been a Board member since 2019, decided not to present his candidature this year. EAASI thanked Damrau for his commitment during all this time.


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