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Code of Ethics

Dear members of EAASI;

When we founded the association of our industry, we had specifically one goal in mind: Sustainability for the businesses of the European Aerial Surveying industry. To achieve sustainability we need to achieve predictability, fairness, and transparency. We believe in the rules of the free market, as this gives all entrepreneurs the will to incur the necessary risks and a reasonable opportunity to flourish. Dominant market positions or lower production costs, achieved under the conditions of a free market through smart business behavior, hard work, and intelligent developments, are desirable outcomes for every business. Our work consists of offering services and data, which requires the use of state-of-the-art, scientific equipment, and software operated by highly educated technical staff. We should compete against each other on smartness and quality, supported by the inherent fairness that we give and expect as European entrepreneurs. As a private branch organization, we do not support distortion of healthy competition with unfair or even illegal practices. As a community, we need to be better than playing a zero or even negative sum-game.

To help all of us to act according to our values and communicate them in a concise and clear form, we have drafted a document of business ethics, which will become part of EAASI´s fundamental value system. I ask you all, to express your willingness to act along with these rules in good faith.

I appreciate your support and dedication to forming a better industry and sustainable ground for our all future well-being.

Yours sincerely

Simon Musaeus



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