EAASI Annual General Meeting 2021 - Virtual

All times in Central European Time (CEST)

The AGM will be held Virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions

Note 1

Additional items to the agenda.

Each proposed item, signed by at least 5% of the members has to be put on the agenda. The General Meeting can only decide about items put on the agenda. No additional items have been proposed by EAASI members before the 16th of May 2021, one month before the AGM. 

Note 2

Election of Directors of the Board - voting.

Each eligible member shall have one vote. Members may be represented at any meeting by another member, acting based on a written power of attorney, specific to the meeting in question. A member may not act as the appointed representative of more than two other members. Prior to the vote as proxy, you would have to present the written power of attorney to the Chairman of the Board.

Note 3

Election of Directors of the Board - candidature.

The directors shall be elected by the General Meeting. All candidates for becoming a member of the Board of Directors’ shall present themselves for election at the General Meeting. All members of the Board of Directors are eligible for re-election. New Candidates for election to the Board of Directors may be presented by any member of the Association. Notice of the candidature, signed by a member of the Association and accompanied by a written declaration of acceptance signed by the candidate director, shall be forwarded to the Board of Directors at least one month prior to the date of the General Meeting. The latest date for reception of candidatures (only in a written form by email to any of the Boardmembers) is the 16th  May 2021.  Eight candidatures, corresponding with the current members of the Board,  have been received.